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MESH Conference Day 1
imageThe MESH Conference kicks off today and Toronto, the centre of Canada's commodity and Income Trust based financial markets, may never be the same. MESH is the brainchild of five local innovators who looked around the entrepreneurial landscape and decided that there is an emerging Web 2.0 movement here with the momentum of a runaway tornado. They write:

Canada needs a conference like mesh. Web 2.0 is happening all around us, as the Internet becomes the place to communicate, collaborate and entertain. mesh is brought to you by people who want to inspire enthusiasm, creativity and opportunity; by people who believe that for Canada to remain vibrant and competitive, we have to connect with each other and share our ideas about what the Web should be.

The people bringing us MESH are:

Mark Evans - senior technology reporter, The National Post
Mathew Ingram - technology and business writer, Globe & Mail
Mike McDerment - CEO, 2ndSite Online Invoicing
Rob Hyndman - business lawyer, Hyndman | Law
Stuart MacDonald - entrepreneur, marketer, founder

Gagglescape is covering the conference today and tomorrow. We will take a look at the people, technology, and capital behind Web 2.0.

Let us know if there is something you would like to see covered.

What's on today?
  • Keynote Conversation: The Future of Media
  • Keynote Conversation: The Web and Society, Rob Hyndman talks with U of Ottawa law professor and blogger Dr. Michael Geist
  • Panel Conversation: Are Bloggers Journalists? Mathew Ingram talks with Om Malik, Michael Tippett of and journalist/blogger Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0;
  • Panel Conversation: Can Blogs Influence Politics? Warren Kinsella lawyer/consultant talks with Paul Wells of Maclean's, Andrew Coyne of the National Post and Brad
  • Davis, National Director of Policy and Internet Strategy, of the Michael Ignatieff Leadership Campaign
  • Barnaby Marshall talks with podcaster ( more...)
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